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Toofast Topos 2: Cochise Stronghold Rock Climbing

Toofast Topos 2: Cochise Stronghold Rock Climbing is the ultimate guide for 470 pitches of climbing on 25 formations in Cochise Stronghold. This guide includes the east, west, and southwest regions of the Stronghold, and details 113 multipitch routes and a selection of single-pitch crags. Honoring the history, traditions, and inherent ethic of Cochise Stronghold rock climbing, 100% of the beta is firsthand and presented with the utmost detail and precision. From the easiest, well-protected lines to the toughest, ultra-scary testpieces, Geir led, anatomized, and documented every route in this book, ground-up.

Geir Hundal is an AMGA Certified Rock Instructor and has been climbing an average of 130 days per year for the past 21 years. His goal is to raise the bar of southern Arizona rock climbing through this book, by teaching, bolt replacement, and being a role-model of low-impact, clean climbing. He is an active supporter of, and Team Leader for, the Climbing Association of Southern Arizona, and is a recipient of the Access Fund Sharp End Award (2017).

Toofast was Geir’s crag dog. A brilliant and soulful animal, Toofast had an uncanny knack for climbing and amassed over 1,600 days at crags in Arizona, West Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, California, and Utah. She became such a fixture in Cochise Stronghold that Geir decided to name Toofast Topos for her.

Toofast Topos is all about the climbing experience in Cochise Stronghold, giving climbers excellent beta to climb at their best, and most importantly, keeping the Stronghold pristine.



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